Tuesday, April 30, 2013

activate windows 8 get ID confirmation

I got this trick from my favorite forum, and I will share this for you all :-)

first we must know is our windows 8 original or not, its a simple think to check it, just go into commandprompt and type "sfc /scannow" (without quote).

if you see the result like this
it mean your windows 8 is not original.

but if you see the result like this
it mean your windows 8 is original.

ok if your windows 8 not original this is some tricks to make it an original one, just download this tools:

win8 activator
password : 7pmtech.com

after you download the win8 activator this is the next step:
1. run "7pm Tech - W8 AIO Tool -" exe.
2. choose your windows type.
3. click activate windows 8 and wait untill the process done.
4. click install services (KMS) and wait untill the process done.

5. open setting and change PC setting, then we will see thats we must activate windows at last 180 day. or you can do it with a command in the comandprompt and type "slui 4".
6. select activate via phone.
7. select your country.
8. call, listen to instruction, give your ID number, and ask for the confirmation.


  1. New Link from "7pm-Tech" :



  2. i want to windows8 confirmation id or key

  3. yes same as me please drop it here for us please

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