Tuesday, April 30, 2013

create shirt logo design preview with photoshop

first open your shirt template and use 'pen tool' to make selection

then in active selection click 'background layer' and press 'ctrl+j' on your keyboard. a layer will appears on top of  "background" layer, this is a duplicate from the selection.

click 'layer 1' and press 'ctrl+j' to set adjustment level of 'layer 1'.
setting the adjustment level like picture above.

then change the 'blending mode' in 'layer 1' to 'multyply'. this step to make 'layer 1' only show the crease of shirt.

now open your logo image, here I use google image, press 'ctrl+a' and then press 'ctrl+c' to copy image.

and back to the shirt template and press 'ctrl+v' to paste google image into shirt template.

click 'layer 2' and press 'ctrl+[' to short google image layer under 'layer 1'.
now the design preview look more real bechause shadow of shirt 'layer 1' look on it.

and this the the results

now you can design your own shirt...
thx :-)


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