Tuesday, April 30, 2013

reapair hardisk bad sector

a bad sector is a sector on a computer's disk drive or flash memory that cannot be used due to permanent damage, such as physical damage to the disk surface or failed flash memory transistors.

there is some reasons why our disk contains bad sector.

1. weakening of hardisk magnetic and mechanical mistake.
posibility the disk magnetic area lost the magnet it cause the disk cannot save data.

2. shocks or vibration, when the computer turned on and hardisk do write and read, and the computer occur shocks or vibration it make head will rub disc of hardisk and leave streaks at the disk.

3. the decreased of power suddenly when the hardis do the read and write process.so that head will suddenly stopped and suddenly work when the power up again.

4. the impact of irregular arrangement file of hardisk.

how to check bad sector hardisk ?
its easy to check bad sector hardisk, just follow this instruction :

1. double click on 'my computer', and right click on the hardisk partition (C, D, E, etc).
2. click 'properties', and click 'tools'.
3. then click 'check now'.

so if we find the bad sector what should we do ?
this is how to repair hardisk bad sector :

I recommended a software named HDAT2

download HDAT2

first you must have a CD/DVD-r/rw to burn the ISO file, I use Magic ISO to burn it.
you can download it here:

download Magic ISO

after burn the ISO file, reboot your PC and booting use CD/DVD.


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